Content the:■High-end machine with extremely wide range of application■Can be build totally on customer´s request■Can combine different cleaning techniques and different processes in one system.
Content the:This system is designed for cleaning of heavily contaminated soldering frames and frames used for the wave-soldering process. The system is equipped with three baths: for cleaning, rinsing and drying. Applied cleaning method is saving in lifetime of solder palets much more than ultrasonic cleaning
UNICLEAN Ultrasonic Cleaning...
Content the:■ystem with modular design, enables to build machine exactly to customer´s needs.■Can be used in demanding high-tech processes of any capacity
MINICLEAN Cleaning system for Stencils...
Content the:■Modularly-designed cleaning system for laboratories and small productions, with a wide range of possible configuration and bath sizes.
COMPACLEAN Automatic Spray Cleaning System ...
Content the:■Spraying, rinsing and drying in one chamber ■Very low consumption of cleaning liquid!■Graphical touch screen interface■Fully programmable parameters, full traceability, logfile of machine processes
Super SWASH Automatic Spray Cleaning System
Content the:■High-tech automatic spray processor which sets a new standard of spray process efficiency up to the level of ultrasonic cleaning!■Designed to clean high-density PCB´s with large components by spray cleaning process.
STENCILCLEAN SIA Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Content the:■Can be used in small as well as big assembly plants to get perfectly cleaned stencil with low material and energy costs.■Can clean stencils up to 29“ x 32“ size.■Can be used for solder paste cleaning as well as cleaning SMT glue from thick stencils (PumpPrint® R, VARIDOT R etc.)
STENCILCLEAN US Ultrasonic Cleaning System for ...
Content the:■Ideal solution for small processes. It covers all needs of small, flexible high-tech electronic assemblies production.■Very compact machine with low energy demand.■Can be transported even through 800mm wide doors!
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