EWire Stripper – Series HT/P
Content the:HT/P series is the Ewire stripper with the digital display screen, it applies to the insulation of different kinds of materials.It will not damage the core,and the insulation will not be burned and adhered.HT/Pseries is used in the military electronics enterprises, scientific research institutes and other electronic and opto-electronic field.
QFP Lead Forming Machine:SPFL-1
Content the:SPFL-1 QFP servomotor one-sided SMT lead forming on almost any flat package, all related parameters are adjustable, achieved high accuracy forming. The pressure source employed servomotor electronic press and analysis on a PC. Additional accuracy pressure control, Multi-piece pressure control, precise displacement control, feedback pressure information, analysis data etc. All those functions lead the system become a multifunction machine with lead forming art analysis, sample making& batch production. This system is an excellent machine perfect for institute develop high quality production and Multi-species. Further meet the analysis data, product monitoring and research.
QFP Lead Forming Machine:PFL-1
Content the:HFL-1 QFP Pneumatic one-sided SMT employed P-5000 air press avoid instability of handle press. The system’s forming model includes an adjustable lead removal machine and one-sided forming model. It support to shear lead frame and it forms on almost any flat package of any dimension. The system is a high performance machine and suitable for institute and military develop small batch production.
Universal Systems One-Sided:HFL-1
Content the:production and Multi-species. Such as institute new development and small batch production. The system processes one side QFP lead forming at a time and can be adjusted for standoff, shoulder dimension, lead material thickness and heel radius. Besides Lead Forming, it can be used to pin Lead Reforming. This system employed HD-3000 hand press model and divided into shear pin and lead forming two parts. Easy to be used, achieved low price.
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