K&S 4700 Convertible Ball and Wedge Bonder
Content the:The K&S 4700 Convertible Bonder provides Ball Bonding and Wedge Bonding capabilities on machine and is based on the proven 4500-Series. The system features analog dials for ease of use, combining the best features of the 45xx models. Wedge or Capillary mounting is easy and precise with a special transducer, unique to K&S Model 4700. No tools required for changeover, just swing the NEFO assembly to the proper position and press a switch to select ‘Ball Bonding' or ‘Wedge Bonding' process
K&S 4523AD Ultrasonic Wedge Bonder With...
Content the:The 4523AD K&S digital ultrasonic wedge bonder is an advanced bench-top wire bonder with operator initiated, manual through automatic bonding modes. The system is capable of ultrasonically bonding a wide range of gold, aluminium or copper wires and ribbons from 12 - 75 micron wire through 25 x 250micron ribbon. The equipment incorporates a digital interface, which manages up to 200 programs, with up to six channels per program. This systems allows quick adjustment of machine settings and for programs to be stored or recalled instantly.
K&S 4522 Manual Ball Bonder
Content the:The 4522 from Kulicke & Soffa (K&S) is an advanced bench-top manual gold ball wire bonder with operator initiated controls and analog adjustments, which allow rapid adjustment of individual bonding parameters. The system is capable of ultrasonically bonding gold wires from 18 - 75 micron. A system features a large bonding area up to 6 x 6
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